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quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010



Site de fotografia de Nick Brandt... belíssimas fotos da vida selvagem.

Nick Brandt
(United Kingdom)

Elephant Drinking

Giraffes in Evening Light, Maasai Mara 2006

Elephant Exodus #2, Amboseli 2004

Abandoned Ostrich Egg

Buffalo With Lowered Head L

Elephant Herds Crossing Lake Bed in Sun D

Elephant with Tattered Ears L

Elephants Moving Through Grass D

Elephants on Bleached Lake Bed D

Giraffes and Dust Devil D

Giraffes Battling in Forest L

Giraffes with Migration Trail D

Gorilla On Rock L

Lion CU Portrait

Lion Under Leaning Tree L

Lion with Monolith L

Lions Head to Head L

Rhino on Lake L

Rhinos in Lake L

Lion Before Storm II- Sitting Profile

Zebras Turning Heads

Cheetah & Cubs

Wildebeest Arc

Lioness Against Rock

Baboons in Profile

Hippos on Mara River

Elephant With Exploding Dust

Elephant Exodus

Cheetah & Cubs Lying on Rock

Lion Windswept

Sitting Lionesses

Cheetah in Tree

Giraffe Fan

Elephant Mother & Two Babies

Elephant Herd

Buffalo Group Portrait

Portrait of Lion Standing in Wind

Giraffes Under Swirling Clouds

Chimp Portrait With Hand II

Zebras Crossing River

Lioness with Cub Feeding

Lioness Looking Out Over Plains

Kudu Against Sky

Giraffe Looking Over Plains

Lioness In Crater

Giraffe Triptych

Leopard in Crook of Tree

Elephant Mother & Baby Holding Leg

Chimpanzee Posing

Elephant Ghost World

Rhino in Dust

Two Rhinos

Buffalo Blind in One Eye Resting

Elephant Cathedral

Giraffe & Baby in Trees

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