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quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

Corte Ikea - Cama com compartimentos. PASSO A PASSO



Cama com compartimentos. PASSO A PASSO

ler Hackers Ikea

Texto Original:

Ikea Hack – Storage Bed

Let's face it. Apartments in San Francisco are tiny. Very. Tiny.

Kaylin and I were searching for a way to maximize our storage in our studio, and keeping stuff under the bed totally makes sense, except when you start looking for beds with drawers under them. They are so bulky, expensive, and generally don't povide tons of additional storage. All the drawer and mechanisms take up lots of valuable stoarge room.

So after reading through Ikea Hackers, spending lots of time in Ikea, and surfing the web for solutions, we decided to build our own.

We started with the Fjellse bedframe from ikea. Pine, unfinished, simple, easy to put together, and best of all, easy to saw apart. A full mattress is approximately 75 inches long, so I started looking for something that would work with that length. We found these 15-inch storage cubes on Amazon, did the the math, and bought 5 for each side.

Once we (finally) got all the parts, we had to get a few pieces of lumber and some brackets to put the whole thing together. We did most of the work in one day. All in all, it provides tons more storage than most bedframes with drawers, its super sturdy, and it is a great height. We are very very happy! If you want more details about how to build one, hit me up in the comments and I can provide more detailed info.

Yay bed!

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